Gifts to Neighbors

In all the Art of Hosting trainings in Vietnam so far, we didn’t plan the budget and pricing around “What price fits the market and can give us more profit?“, but rather, “As a community of participants with different financial capacity, how can we collectively make it possible for everyone who wants to be there to be there?

With that question, we organizers fully understand that, no matter what numbers are on the pricing, there will be people who don’t their financial capacity fits in the boxes. Gifts to Neighbors was created as an intermediate space for those who need support to join the training, and those who can support to effectively practice the principle “Ask for what you need, offer what you can“.

Drawings of people sharing joy

For those who care about and want to support participants of the training, they can donate to the Gifts. It can be as much or little as you want, like a bowl of noodle and a cup of coffee you have daily.

For those who really want to join the training but finance is a major barrier, they can ask for what they need from the Gifts, and also their own network of people who trust them. The organizing team will consider the Gifts’ capacity to offer the most financial aid possible to participants in need.

Until Feb 16th, 2024, the Gifts has:



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We would like to sincrely thank the community of participants of AoH training 2022 in Vietnam, together with our dear friends Mugino, Thùy Linh, Thùy Dương, Phương Nhung, Hải Anh, Trung Slim, Đức Trung, Hà Trang, Andrew, Minh Khánh, Huyền Trân, Mạnh Hải, Vũ Hoàng, Thanh Tâm and Phương Thảo for making this happen.

How to gift?

To support those in need, you can donate to the Gifts in one of these these ways:

  • If you are signing up for the training, you can add a donation to your payment.
  • If you are not joining the training, you can donate through the organizers’ bank account:
    • Method 1: Domestic bank transfer. CLICK HERE for account information.
    • Method 2: International transfer through WISE. CLICK HERE for account information.
    • Method 3: International transfer via your credit card or Paypal, through Ticket Tailor platform. Please CLICK HERE to proceed.


How to ask for support from the Gifts?

When filling in the registration form, you can choose to ask for financial aid. In the form, there are further instructions and questions to invite you to practice: turning inward and determining your capacity to contribute, and turning outward and asking for support from the Gifts and your community.