What is Art of Hosting training? Where will the training happen this year?

What can one expect when joining the Art of Hosting Training in 2024?

What is Art of Hosting training?

Art of Hosting (AoH) Vietnam is a 3-day residential training that offers simple and powerful participatory practices, patterns and processes to harness the collective wisdom and self-organizing capacity of groups of any size. 

This is the 5th training in Vietnam.

The past 4 trainings have been contributing to a growing community of practitioners in Vietnam and Asian-Pacific countries including China, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Japan, India and Australia.

We have welcomed facilitators, trainers, managers, teachers, gardeners, entrepreneurs, coaches, therapists, writers, parents, artists, community organizers and anyone who deeply cares about the power of meaningful conversations for deeper connection and effective decision making.

How will we learn and practice together?

This training is an opportunity to step into participatory leadership. We will work on the edge of ‘praxis’ – the process by which a theory, lesson, or skill is enacted, embodied, or realized through direct application. 

Participants will be invited to co-host processes with the support of the Hosting Team. Everyone is free to choose where to step in as a practicing host, a harvester, a participant or an observer.

To get a glimpse of what a training looks like, please take a look at the harvest of the past trainings.

Joining the Art of Hosting, you will also become part of a global community that practices, steward and co-create these evolving methodologies and philosophies. You can read more about the global Art of Hosting.

Language of the training

The primary language of the course will be English. However, with the desire to bring the practice to more Vietnamese people, the organizing team will support Vietnamese translation for those who need it. We are also working on preparing additional Vietnamese-language support materials to help the community practice after the program.

Participating this time also means that you are joining the Organizing and the host team in a new experiment, a new step forward for the local Art of Hosting community.


Harvest from previous training

Harvesting is an important part of every Art of Hosting training. You can review the harvests from previous trainings to get an idea of what a typical training looks like.

Where will we learn and practice together?

The training will take place at Bai Dinh hotel, Ninh Binh, which is 2 hours from Hanoi.
This 3 star hotel  is located on a beautiful, majestic and quiet mountain. After much consideration,
we picked this venue to make sure the surroundings and the venue itself help participants
to get their mind away from hectic daily work and city life, into a focused learning environment. 

Transportation between Hanoi and Bai Dinh will be provided at certain times before and after the training.
Participants will share a double or triple room with one or two other participants of base on participants’ needs.
You may read detail accommodation options in registration link.

You can read more about the location here: http://www.baidinhhotel.com/vn/

Are you ready to be a part of the journey?

The training has limited space,
please sign up as soon as you can.

Or do you still have questions?

Check out the F.A.Q page or join one of our online Info Calls on Jan 20th and Jan 30th to chat with our team and other participants.