Written by Warren – Illustrated by Nam Taro

On the last harvesting session during Art of Hosting Vietnam 2024, Phuong, one of the session host, invited us on a reflection journey on the past 4 days. As I was drunk in her intoxicating words of reflection, a bird outside the window starting singing.

“What are you calling out for bird? What’s your calling?”

I asked the bird in my mind.

At that instant, Narayan’s baby started crying.

“What are you crying for baby? What are you longing for?”

I asked the baby in my mind.

Then a new voice emerged in my mind:

“What about you, Warren? What is your inner child longing for? What are you crying out loud for?”

And I started crying. On the second day of AoH I written down if this is what the heavens feel like. The last time I had this feeling was during my childhood with a bunch of my neighborhood boys. So much innocence, and so carefree, filled with laughter, adventure and love. This is the second time in my life I gained back this experience. I longed for this feeling of connection for a long time.

I thought of the bird, the baby, and all the people around me. My job is to host them. At that moment, I suddenly remembered a neighbor who has been with me through all these years, through all the ups and downs. I have forgotten to host him. I remembered me. I have forgotten long ago how to host myself.

At that moment, I became self hosted. And then as I broke down in tears, I know the community is with me. And Archana’s arm came around my shoulder, holding me firmly, telling me: It’s ok baby, it’s ok.”