We’re excited to have you join us on this transformative journey. Before you register, please take a moment to review the information provided. Familiarity with these details will make sure your registration goes smoothly. 

Below is a step-by-step guide to join the training.

1. Get to know the training

Read about the AoH Training. Scroll down this page to read about the pricing and accommodation before signing up.

2. Fill in the Registration Form

Take 15-30 minutes to fill in this Google Form.

3. Complete payment

Receive our email for payment instructions and complete payment.

4. Confirm and get ready

Receive our confirmation and an info pack, book your transportation and pack your stuff. Ready to go!

How much does it cost?

Your training cost includes

Your training cost will include two parts:

Your payment will cover:

  • Transport from Hà Nội to Bái Đính & back (about 2 hours, with our own shuttle bus) at a fixed time;
  • 3 meals per day, tea and coffee during the training;
  • Supplies for the training and a training companion guide in PDF form;
  • Training fee (3,5 days);
  • Accommodation of your choice.

Training ticket

We operate with the principle of “Ask for what you need, offer what you can“, and we invite you into shared responsibility to make this training happen. 

The estimated budget to organize this year’s Art of Hosting training is around 510 million VND (nearly USD 21,000). This includes all the logistics and organizing cost and a small honorarium for the people who put in the efforts to make this training happen.

We expect to welcome around 50 participants this year. So taking the budget divided by the number of people and we have the first tier of pricing at 10.3 million VND per ticket (USD 425).  

We also offer a second tier of pricing where the team receives little to no honorarium at all. In this case the minimal fee is 7.9 million VND per ticket (USD 325). 

That makes up 2 ticket tiers as you see here. And please read on about the Gifts to Neighbors and Group Discount, as we know not all of us fit in these 2 boxes.  

‘Gifts to Neighbors’ fund

We understand that these fees might still be a lot for some people, while they are not much for others. That is why we are creating a pot called Gifts to Neighbors; everyone can give to, and ask for support from the Gifts.

Drawings of people sharing joy

Illustration by XuAn

Offer what you can

Whether you are attending the training or not, you can join us in enabling everyone who wants to be there to be there by contributing to this pot.

If you are signing up for the training, you can can make your contribution together with your payment. Otherwise, CLICK HERE for instruction to donate.

Ask for what you need

If you really want to be in this training but finance is a big barrier, you can ask for support from the Gifts pot. For example, if you can only offer USD 225, you can ask for USD 200 from the Gifts.

Please indicate your need in the registration form and our team will be in touch for further steps. Apply for this support before one of the three deadlines: Jan 26th, Feb 16th or Mar 1st. The earlier you ask, the better.

We know that asking for help sometimes requires lots of courage and consideration. Feel free to reach out to us if you would love to have a conversation before deciding.

Last training, 35% of all participants were able to join thanks to this practice. And the best part is, the Gifts do not start from zero. We already have 47 million VND (USD 1930) from last year’s training that was saved for this purpose.  Let’s keep the generosity flow!

Group discount

Whether you want to ask or contribute to the Gifts or not, we offer a 5-10% discount from Sustainable Ticket for groups of at least 3 participants coming from the same project / organization / family / neighborhood depending on your group size.

This offer is to encourage people from the same community to join and learn together, so that they have a shared practice when they come back.

Cancellation policy

  • If you cancel before February 14th, you will be refunded 100%.
  • If you cancel from February 14th until before March 4th, you will be refunded 50%.
  • If you cancel from March 4th onward, there will be no refund.

Accommodation choices

Bái Đính hotel offers us several different types of rooms with different comfort levels. Click on each tab to read more.

  • Number of slots: 02 slots left, prioritized for registrants receiving our financial aid.
  • 12 beds/dorm. There are two dorms. We will try to arrange same gender dorm, but potentially there may be a mixed dorm.
  • You will share a dorm with 11 participants.
  • The price per night: 12 USD. The price for the whole training (3 nights): 36 USD.
  • Number of slots: 1 left.
  • You will share a twin or triple room with 1 or 2 other participants of the same gender or your group. You will have your bed (unless requested otherwise).
  • The price per night: 18 USD per person. The price for the whole training (3 nights): 54 USD.


  • Number of rooms: fully booked.
  • A double bed for 2 people.
  • This room is private for one person, but you also can share it with one other without paying extra fee.
  • The price per night: 35 USD. The price for whole training: 105 USD.
  • If you wish to share the bed with another person, each of you will pay 52.5 USD.
  • Number of room: 01.
  • 01 double bed & 02 single beds.
  • This room is for a family of 04 and 01 child below 1 m high .
  • The price per night: 115 USD. The price for whole training: 345 USD.

Some participants may want to combine this training and a travelling trip with your families/friends, etc. In that case, there will be another option for you to add extra beds into your room (except for the dorm).

  • Add extra bed: 17 USD/bed/night
  • Number of slots: 10.

Are you ready to be part of the journey?

The training has limited space, please sign up as soon as you can.

Or do you still have questions?

Check out the F.A.Q page or join one of our online Info Calls on Jan 20th and Jan 30th to chat with our team and other participants.