Written by Trang Iris

Unexpectedly, an urge of writing down has come to me to save and remember this moment.

It was about November when I came back to the 4th AOH training. With a simple intention to witness, listen to, and receive whatever happening in the training, I joined without any specific expectation. But then, somehow, surprisingly, miracle happened to me when I told my personal story to other participants.

Well, in this flow of thoughts, I recall when I was studying at Knowmads, André told me a thing that I will never forget, and indeed, still remember now.

“Everytime I need to make a decision, especially the hard one, I will imagine the day I were old, sitting with my grandchildren and I were telling them my life stories. I will ask myself “What am I going to do to make a cool story that I love to tell them at that point?”

My motto in the profile seems similar to the spirit of Andre’s sharing, “Here comes my purpose: To live a life that is worth living so I will have a story that is worth telling.”

Yes, I have been following the way of living as the motto.

And, it keeps accompanying me, also in this AOH training.Sitting and reflecting with a friend on the experience, I told her: “I have no intention to tell the story in this AOH because I have told it many times before. Still, it emerges in its own way, in a surprising way, so, I let it express.” True! The story wants to be told, and it wants to go out to touch others without my planning or imagination.

I have lived that story once in my life, but it keeps revealing its layers of influence on me and others more than what I think it is. So, I cannot describe it more than accept that it is a miracle.

Since today, my purpose or motto changes a little bit “To live a life that I enjoy living, so I will have a story that I enjoy telling.